The Punk Poet

While I’m waiting for divine inspiration, I’d like to make an announcement. In some circles, I’m better known for my music than for my literary efforts. I’ve been writing songs of a highly lyrical nature and publishing them under my own name – Ron Lawrence Anderson – for several years. You may (or may not) be wondering why all this material has suddenly been withdrawn from the internet – from the videos to the album to the MP3 downloads. At the moment the only outlets offering my music are Russian internet pirates.

You’re more than welcome to download one of these pernicious bootlegs if you really can’t wait, but rest assured – the music is about to be re-released. I am rebranding. My debut album will now be released under my new name The Punk Poet. All the URLs are in place, all the necessary artwork has been completed, and a new chapter is about to commence. Not only will most of the songs from the first album be available, a second is soon to be released. I will also be spearheading a program to publish and perhaps distribute work by similar poets/performance artists and musicians.

While I’ve had a tiny cult following for some time, I felt I needed an approach with more cut-through. I appear to be big in Russia. It’s time to go global. With The Punk Poet you get what it says on the box. It is literary protest and scathing social commentary set to music.

Anyway, it’s all on the verge of coming to pass.

You can view the work in construction at







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