Released in late 2019, this work saw me returning to some of the philosophical preoccupations that have always haunted me. My early fascination with Buddhism is not all that much in evidence here, but it still shines through in strange and unexpected ways. Weep is my ode to the Mahayana tenet of Universal Compassion, expressed darkly, through stained glass. Elsewhere, however, there is more emphasis on the existential angst of my University years, and as always fears of my own imminent mortality are never that far below the surface. There are mythical resonances in all the songs, for this is an album that straddles the bardic tradition, and my love of fantasy, myth and far-out fiction.


  1. Mortality
  2. Black Hearted Kings
  3. The Thing Within
  4. He Who Can’t Be Conquered
  5. Phantom Republic
  6. Weep
  7. Heroes and Poets
  8. Amazing Space