The Dead Remember

My second album was made in a completely new way – in studio, recorded in front of a mike, with a guitar as the principal instrument. In fact, the musicianship is somewhat sub-par, but the musical composition is excellent. It’s an album that sits very comfortably in my oevre, and though I am uncertain where most of these songs came from they were remarkably easy to write. Certainly, this album proceeded relatively effortlessly compared to those that preceded and followed it. I am very fond of it, and a handful of these songs I rate as my best.



  1. Coleridge
  2. Hurt Dog
  3. Tragic Caberet
  4. Down Among the Vines
  5. The Substitute King
  6. The Darkest Extreme
  7. Mainstream
  8. Demon Lover
  9. Where Are You Today?
  10. The Dead Remember