I’ve always been a writer. I’ve never done anything else.

For me, it all began at age 13, at boarding school, with science fiction and fantasy stories, and dark impenetrable poems, written while I was meant to be doing homework. That was nearly 40 years ago and nothing much has really changed. I’m still writing both science fiction stories and dark lyrical poems when I’m meant to be doing something else, like earning money.

Several years ago, I started putting some of these words of mine to music. And, as it turned out, I had an ear. In fact, more than an ear – I had a vision. I had things to say. And so I began to compose music, to play it and produce it. In general, my preferred instrument is the guitar, but I’ve been known to muck about with things like synths, and xylophones too.

And of course words.

Words above all else.

I’ve been publishing that music under the name The Punk Poet for quite some time now. However, at heart, I remain a writer. And the writing is central to everything I do. And so I have now decided to create a website that displays all my work in one place – as author, and auteur; as a writer of songs, and stories.

Don’t look so shocked! Some of us have more than one mode of rebellion. And, while I am no William Blake or Leonardo Da Vinci, I am able to straddle more than one world.

I guess I’m just one of those.

So, welcome to my worlds.

Enjoy your stay.